Fri, 08/31/2012 - 10:14am -- admin
If I form a corporation in Minnesota will this protect my company name from being used by another business? This is how we protect our names in some other states. Is there a statute or official source you can guide me to? For example, if our corporation name is Patton Park Corporation then another entity could form a corporation as Patten Park Corporation. Am I understanding this correctly?

Will registering a business name prevent others from using it?

If you form a corporation in Minnesota, the Minnesota Secretary of State will not permit any other business with that exact same name.

In other words, only the exact name of the corporation would be protected, with a few exceptions for spaces and similar slight modifications. See Minnesota Business Name Requirements. It is important to note that filing a business with the Minnesota Secretary of State would not prohibit slightly different names that might be confusingly similar. This protection is available under trademark and service mark law. Aaron Hall Minneapolis Business Formation Attorney